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Boise Weekly Art Auction 2020

The Boise Weekly is our independent weekly newspaper. Local artists donate artworks that grace the cover each week. Every year the paper hosts the Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction. Artworks are auctioned off with a percentage of the sale going to the artist and the remainder going to the paper’s art grants fund. Then, the grants are given back to arts organizations and artists in the community.


Usually, the auction is a live in-person event in which tickets are sold to raise more money. However, due to Covid-19, this year’s event is online. This makes it available to everyone! Anyone can bid on the artworks.


My artwork, Leaf Stack #34, is part of the auction. It is a piece from my Leaf Stack series.

Leaf Stack #34, 12" x 12", fused fabric mounted on cradled board

This artwork is made with my hand-dyed fabrics. It is fused, stitched and mounted on a 12″ x 12″ cradled board. In addition to my artwork, there is a wide variety of other artworks to bid on.


The Boise Weekly Cover Art auction is live now! Go take a look at all the available art. The bidding closes on Oct. 22. Thanks for looking and bidding!