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Teaching Art Sun Valley, Idaho

This past weekend I was teaching an art workshop for Sun Valley Museum of Art in Hailey, Idaho. It is the first in-person workshop I have taught in over a year, due to the pandemic. Following Covid protocols, the class size was limited and we all wore masks the entire time.

The Space

Since we wanted to keep social distancing in place, a camera on an arm structure was set up to show any demonstrations to keep people from crowding around a table. (You can see it on the table toward the middle of the image above.) The demos were projected onto a large screen on the wall (see below) that the participants could all see.

Once I got the hang of the camera space, it worked pretty well. The classroom is in a barn-like structure next to a historic home which the Sun Valley Museum of Art now owns.

Barn for teaching art in Sun Valley

The Wallpaper

During the time I was teaching the art class, I stayed in the historic home in Sun Valley, which resides in the town of Hailey, Idaho. The walls have been restored with beautiful, victorian period wall papers with busy patterns in the style of William Morris. I enjoyed seeing all the different styles. Below are just a couple of them.

Victorian wall paper in William Morris style
Victorian wall paper in William Morris style

The Workshop

Painted Scarves is the name of the workshop I taught. First, participants paint a background on silk scarves. The, they create their own design to stamp on top. I think the complex wall paper patterns influenced the design I chose for the demonstration of stamp carving. Below you can see the carved stamp and the border pattern I created with it.

Everyone had fun in the class and I enjoyed their company in person.

If you are interested in taking a class, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter to learn about any future workshops I teach. Or contact me if you are interested in having me teach for you.