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Boise Open Studios and Ballet Idaho

This autumn Boise Open Studios and Ballet Idaho collaborated to create a unique art experience. Artist members of the Boise Open Studio Collective Organization (BOSCO) viewed one of Ballet Idaho’s rehearsals to gain inspiration. Then, they created artworks based on what they had seen.

At an opening reception on October 11, the art was unveiled at The Mode Lounge in downtown Boise. Ballet Idaho trainees performed in the street for the opening. The Mode created a special cocktail for the event.

Ballet Idaho dancers
Ballet Idaho dancers

I was one of 17 artists that participated in this collaboration. At the rehearsal, I sketched and took pictures and videos. Since I don’t usually work with figures, this was a challenge. Back at home, I drew some more. Although I had several ideas, I kept coming back to one particular dancer’s outfit. I decided to work with that and came up with Ensemble – Part 1. The fabrics are fused, then stitched and mounted to a 12″ x 6″ cradled board.

Ensemble – Part 1

I wanted to abstract it some more to emphasize shapes and color, so I then made an artwork with more than one outfit. Ensemble is a double entendre as it refers to the outfit, as well as the ensemble group of dancers. This artwork is pieced and mounted on stretcher bars like a painting.


I also created Ensemble – Part 2 to reverse the colors. It is also mounted on cradled board to be a pair with Ensemble – Part 1.

Ensemble – Part 2

My artworks are the only ones in the exhibition that don’t include a full figure. I would have liked to have gone even more abstract with just lines indicating the movement of the dancers. But that will have to be for another time. This exercise pushed me out of my box a little.

The artworks will be up at The Mode Lounge in downtown Boise through Nov. 13. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go to Ballet Idaho.