The Meaning of Meaning Exhibition

One might see or hear something unknown and ask, “What does it mean?”  Or we might confront someone’s actions and ask, “What is the meaning behind this?” One of the more existential questions we may ask is “What is the meaning of life?”

The answers to these questions may not always be found.  We can explore, observe and bring our personal views to discover meaning.  The same can be done when viewing art and figuring out what is the meaning behind the exhibition title, The Meaning of Meaning.

Gallery Five18 is currently hosting The Meaning of Meaning exhibition with artwork by two long-time Boise artists, Sue Latta and Christine Raymond.

Sue Latta is an artist, educator and innovator.  Her artworks in this exhibition are what I would call sculptural photography.  Latta has developed a technique of transferring photographic images to resin. The resin allows light to shine through. By bringing the image out away from the wall, a shadow is created and gives the piece more depth and dimensionality.

Artworks by Sue Latta

This depth draws the viewer in and makes them wonder if there is more going on behind the image than we can see, literally and metaphorically.

The depth in Christine Raymond‘s artworks come more from exploring the meaning of the work.  I am most familiar with Raymond’s works that have expanses of smooth color and sections of gold leaf.  This red painting below is similar, but without the gold leaf.


Painting by Christine Raymond

What is intriguing to me about this piece is that the red color, usually one that often invokes energy, anger, passion, power, etc., here takes on a calmer disposition.

Raymond’s other works in the exhibition are mixed media circular disks that are mounted within a frame.


Dark Passage I by Christine Raymond

A circle is a symbol for many ideas.  What does it mean here? A question the viewer must explore and dig into to find the meaning.

The Meaning of Meaning will be up at Gallery Five18 through the end of March.


2 comments to The Meaning of Meaning Exhibition

  • Glenn Thurston

    For me their are two meanings; one is what the artist had in mind and the other is what the viewer has.They may or may not be the same. You might look at a work and think is great or awful from your visual prospective and completely miss what the artist had in mind.

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      I totally agree with you. I find it fascinating when someone tells me what they think/feel about my art and it is completely different from my own intention for the piece. I think this is more likely to happen with abstract art that can be interpreted in many different ways.