Portals by Teannalach

Coming in from the cool, cloudy gray afternoon, I entered the warm, glowing gallery and was immediately transported back outside, visually, by the painted Portals of Rachel Teannalach.

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100 Drawings - Week 9

My skin is craving the sun and my body wants to be outside, even though the temperatures have been cold in Boise. Our area, this winter, has been a sea of white (snow) and gray (sky/inversion), a monochromatic world.

But monochrome doesn’t have to be dreary. For lesson 9 in the online class, 100 Drawings, taught by Jane Davies, we once again explored monochromatic colors.

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100 Drawings - Week 8

The possibility of using anything and everything in creating art overwhelms me! In a few of the lessons for the online 100 Drawings workshop, we had some where there wasn’t much limitation on the media or content when working.

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100 Drawings - Week 7

Is that lime green or chartreuse? Avocado green or sage green? What is simply green to my husband may be grass green, pine green or olive green to me. With so many infinite possibilities in color, I like to be a little more specific when I can.

Exploring monochromatic color, specifically in stripes, was the goal of lesson 7 in Jane Davies’ 100 Drawings online workshop.

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100 Drawings - Week 6

Although the 100 Drawings online workshop I took from Jane Davies is long over, I still have some more of my results to share.

Week 6 was all about going overboard, aiming for maximum variety, like in lesson 4 but now with color.

When I read this lesson, I felt immediate overwhelm about the maximal variety of color, lines, shapes, patterns, etc. I wasn’t sure I was going to have fun with this one. And I didn’t really. (But I didn’t sign up for fun.)

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100 Drawings - Week 3

In week 3 of Jane Davies‘ 100 Drawings online workshop, we were to focus on shapes, exploring different ways to create them.

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