Turning Over a New Leaf

“You are out of order!” someone says as the gavel hits the block. This is what I am imagining in my head right now as I am posting events out of order here.

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Arbitrary Color

As the sun set and darkness descended, the misty fog shrouded the street lamps and created an air of mystery. We entered the building, I, with a bit of nervous anticipation. Once inside, the huge space enveloped us. I was given my name tag, with the title “Artist” on it. This title makes me happy.

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Five 18 – Group Show

I was parked a few blocks away. It was dark and cold as I walked down the street to Gallery Five18. The warmth of the gallery and lights welcomed me. I had come to see the December Group Show of the artists in the gallery, some of with whom I am friends.

I love to make art and I also love to view art by others. There is lots to see at Five 18 this month as most of the pieces are smaller works from members of the gallery. Here is a preview, but as is most always the case,

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BOSCO Small Works

This past weekend the Boise Open Studio Collective Organization had a flash show at Surel’s Place. Surel’s Place is an artist-in-residence live/work space. In between artist residencies, they will have short weekend exhibitions in the space.

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Installing an Exhibition

When I walked in the door and saw all the artwork on the floor, I thought, “I have got a big job ahead of me!” My second thought was, “There are a lot of big pieces.”

The Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance hired me to install their latest exhibition, This American Life, at the Boise State Public Radio offices last week.

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