Surel's Place Workshop

The table was set with extra chairs around it. A cloth was laid on top. On one end of the table rested a Lazy Susan that held bowls and cups filled with pins and threads. The guests were workshop participants eager to learn from Surel’s Place artist-in-residence, Marguerite Jay Gignoux.

Marguerite, who goes by Peg, is an artist and educator from North Carolina. She works with fabric, paper, thread, dye and screen printing to create textile collages. During her residency this month, she is also working with the kids at Anser School to create handmade books that will be displayed, along with her work at Surel’s Place on May 31st.

The afternoon workshop, Community Cloth, had participants working on some fabric collages. Peg had made some starter pieces of cloth that had some printing and a few pieces of silk already sewn on for us to work on. We added more silk pieces, stitching them on by hand. Peg also showed us how to print on the fabric with a thermofax screen. At one point, we passed our piece to someone else, so that we weren’t attached to the one we had been working on. More layers were added by fusing silk organza on top.

Peg demonstrating screen printing on fabric.

Student work in progress.


Peg talking with participants.

Peg will give an artist’s talk on May 31st at Surel’s Place (212 E. 33rd St. in Garden City) at 7 p.m. An exhibit will also show pieces Peg has been working on during the residency, as well as the work of students she has been working with at Anser school. Reception starts at 6:30 p.m.


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