San Diego – Nature

While on my trip to San Diego, I was not only able to enjoy seeing art, but I also was able to enjoy the nature there, as well as the beauty of the coast. 

One day, I was on my own and walked over to Balboa park (my second day in the park). There is so much to see there and I spent most of the day wondering, doing a few sketches, enjoying the plants and looking at some more art by local artists (in the Spanish Art Village).

Before crossing the bridge into the park, I saw these pretty purple bushes with lots of hummingbirds flying around and chasing each other. Often times, they would sit and rest. I managed to get a few pictures of them.



I also loved these trunks. Since there was a fundraising walk (for Alzheimers) with tons of people flowing into the park when I arrived, I decided to sketch them on my way back out. I am a little self-conscious about sketching in public.

Another day, I went with my good friend, Kathleen Probst, and my new friend, Marty Ornish, to the beach. Solana South Beach, to be more precise.

There were lots of other people and dogs there to enjoy the beautiful day. We spent time walking along with our feet in the sand and water. I was inspired by the changing patterns of the two color sand, as well as the cliffs rising up from the beach.


Kathleen Probst and Marty Ornish



We also went to Torrey Pines to walk above the cliffs. It is always nice to have a local (Marty) take you places.



On the day Kathleen and I were to fly back home, our plane did not leave until around noon. To kick off the travel day with a good start, Marty took us to Sunset Cliffs where we could see the ocean one more time.




Kathleen and Marty enjoy the view.

The trip seemed to go by quickly with so much to see and absorb, along with new people to meet.

I only did two sketches in the park. Here is the one of a trunk.


Sketch of trunk by Lisa Flowers Ross


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