Portals by Teannalach

Coming in from the cool, cloudy gray afternoon, I entered the warm, glowing gallery and was immediately transported back outside, visually, by the painted Portals of Rachel Teannalach.

Fourteen large oil paintings from floor to ceiling, lined up in one of the Friesen galleries at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, invite viewers into the landscape of Idaho.

Artworks by Rachel Teannalach.

All the landscapes depicted are within 150 miles (by air) of the Treasure Valley. Mostly a plein air painter, Teannalach used her own photographs to paint these 88″ x 48″ canvases. However, she only painted locations that she had already painted on site previously, so that she already had the lay of the land, so to speak.


Boise Foothills from Table Rock by Rachel Teannalach.

Hell’s Canyon by Rachel Teannalach.

Painted in the Alla Prima style, working from the top of the painting to the bottom, one might notice how the brushstrokes in the areas near the bottom, that appear closer to the viewer, become more abstract allowing the flat brush to hold a rainbow of color in one swath.


Detail of Hell’s Canyon by Rachel Teannalach.

The exhibition is cohesive as a whole, but each painting stands on its own, depicting a different feeling, time and place.


Bruneau Sand Dunes and Snake River Plain with Glacial Boulders by Rachel Teannalach.

Bruneau Sand Dunes depicts a large expanse of smooth ripples in the sand with subtle color changes, while Snake River Plain with Glacial Boulders contains the high contrast of a bright sun and dark boulders against the dried grasses of the field.

The exhibition at NNU’s Brandt Center will be up through March 16th. It is worth the drive to see these artworks of some of Idaho’s treasured landscapes.


Portals exhibition by Rachel Teannalach.


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