Packing it Up

I am going to give you a peek behind the scenes in the studio. I am starting to get my art ready to go to Reno for a solo exhibition I am having that will be at the Metro Gallery, in October. This packing is not glamorous stuff. It is organization and paying attention to the nitty-gritty details.

I decided to drive the artworks down to Reno myself to help with the install. Therefore, I do not have the added steps of trying to find packaging and shipping the pieces. However, I still have to get the pieces ready and pack them in my car.

Here are the steps I am going through to get the artworks ready to go:

Step 1:  The gallery wanted an inventory checklist and I printed that out to also use as my packing check list. First, I find all the artwork and gather it in one place. Thanks to my database, it made it easy to find which roll and where I have stored each piece.


Art inventory checklist.

Step 2:  Check to make sure that each piece has a label and hanging sleeve attached to the back. Sometimes I don’t get the sleeve attached right away on newer pieces. This time I was happy to see that I had all the sleeves on already!


Backs of pieces labeled and hanging sleeves attached.

Step 3:  Check to make sure that each piece has a hanging rod/slat. I did not have hanging rods/slats for all the pieces so I had to cut some.

Step 4:  Label hanging rods/slats with my name and the name of the piece to make it easy to find when at venue and to match to each artwork.


Hanging rods and slats

Step 5:  Since my work is made with fabric, I transport artworks by rolling them up on a foam roller. I roll several works on each roller, checking each piece off the check list as I go.


Artworks getting rolled on foam rollers. Front side facing out.

Step 6:  Cover rolls with fabric or plastic for transport. I am labeling the rolls on the outside so I know what artworks are on each roll.

Step 7:  Pack artwork and hanging/rods in car. Bring extra fabric on which to unroll pieces, lint roller, along with installation tools and layout plan.

I am not through all these steps yet. The process has begun early because I will be at an artist residency for two weeks before I leave to take the art to Reno.

The exhibition is entitled, Turning Over a New Leaf: Fabric Constructions by Lisa Flowers Ross. It will be at the Metro Gallery in City Hall, Reno, NV and opens Oct. 16th.



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