Night Birches

You have probably been noticing Valentine’s day displays and advertisements or just a proliferation of pink and red everywhere.  What first comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day?  Roses, hearts, the color red, love, chocolate? I think chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s.  But then, I think it is for every holiday, as well!  And why not?  Yum!

However, for my February newsletter, I wanted to make something to offer my subscribers that they might like for Valentine’s or to give as a gift for Valentine’s.  Since I’m an artist and not a chocolatier, I was thinking in the terms of some small artworks.

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I know hearts and the color red are traditional.  But I wanted to come up with something different. My artist friend, Rachel Teannalach, had asked me if I had been thinking about trees when I created my Storm and Ebb & Flow pieces with Shibori fabric.  Actually, that thought hadn’t occurred to me then.

I took that idea, though, and ran with it.  I decided I could make some small artworks with the shibori fabric I had leftover and create pieces with trees, that I could then personalize. How do trees tie in with Valentine’s Day?  It was the romantic thought of someone carving their love’s initials on a tree, which I would do on my trees with hand stitching. Thus, a series of Night Birches was born.

Here are the three I have left. Although they are similar, each one is unique.  Some examples of what the hand stitching could look like are at the bottom.  I used a dark thread to match the trees so that it would look more like it was actually “carved” into the tree.  But one person requested purple and blue letters, which looked fine, too, when I stitched them on.

Night Birches #3©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross10"x8"$120

Night Birches 3
©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross
fabrics hand dyed by artist, thread
10″x 8″

Night Birches 4

Night Birches #4
©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross
fabrics hand dyed by the artist, thread
10″ x 8″

Night Birches 5

Night Birches #5
©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross
fabrics hand dyed by the artist, thread
10″ x 8″

The stars are french knots.  The work is pieced, wrapped around a canvas and ready to hang just like a painting. And an example of what the hand stitched initials would look like.



If you would like to purchase one and have it personalize, just contact me.  Shipping is included in the $120 price (US only).  They could also be purchased just as they are, without initials stitched on.

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