New Work - Leaf Stack #22

Something has got a hold of me!  Not physically, but mentally. I took a brief break from my Leaf Stack series, but have gone back to it.  The muse wants to continue on this path and I think it best to go with the flow, for now.

Here is Leaf Stack #22.

Leaf Stack #22
36-1/4″ x 37″
©2017 Lisa Flowers Ross

You might notice something about this piece that is different from all the others in the series.  Do you know what it is? Yes, I have introduced some straight lines!  And I added a bit of a “platform” at the bottom of the piece.

My past Color Fields series consists mostly of straight lines, as well as my Lines series.  The Leaf Stack series has been all curves because the shape of a leaf is curvy. But here I decided to combine the straight lines with the curvy.  The straight lines provide a new way for me to divide the piece up into different color sections. I will continue playing with straight lines, but who knows where the muse will want to go.

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