Linda's Work

It is always nice to get together with artist friends, talk shop and be inspired. Last week, Kathleen Probst, Linda McLaughlin and I had a little time to spend doing just that. Linda has been doing daily and weekly projects for years. She brought some of the ones she is currently working on.

Linda McLaughlin with daily project.

Above is Linda with her 70 days to 70 daily project created on milk filters. Her requirement was to use things she already had on hand to create each circle. There is a wide range of mixed media used throughout. Here is a close-up of one stamped with some french knots added.

One of Linda McLaughlin’s 70 days to 70 pieces.

Another one of her daily projects consists of stitching on one whole piece of cloth instead of making separate pieces each day. Here is the insane amount of hand stitching she has done on one piece so far.

Daily stitching by Linda McLaughlin.

As if that stitching wasn’t enough, Linda also is working on a weekly project. Below is one part with a million french knots. You can see more pictures on Linda and Kathleen’s blogs (links above).

Linda McLaughlin’s weekly project.

I keep thinking that I would like to do a daily project (which I have done for a month in the past), not with the thought of anything becoming a finished artwork. Just a little practice everyday. A reminder to keep the creative juices flowing without the pressure of creating a finished artwork.


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