Leftovers VII - Idaho Artists

There are some food leftovers that I look forward to having the next day as much as the first. But I am always excited for the Leftovers Print exchange hosted each year by Wingtip Press. This year was Leftovers VII and an exhibition was held at MING Studios earlier this year in May.

I created two sets of prints for the exchange so that I could receive two sets back, for a total of 24 prints. The sizes are 5″ x 7″ or less in an effort to encourage using up leftover pieces of paper from printmaking.

Because I helped to sort out all the prints and get them packaged up to mail, I was able to choose my own prints. Here are some made by Idaho artists that I chose.

Hand colored monoprint, drypoint by Missy Cory

Earth by Amy Nack and Cassandra Schiffler.

Left Behind a solarplate photo intaglio with hand coloring by Mary Donato.

Print by Karl Eclair

Hand colored linocut entitled, Asparagus, by Laurel MacDonald

This last one is interesting because the white areas you see are where the paper has been cut out. They could be whatever color paper you put behind it.


Strychnine to Five, linocut by Shanel Johns




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