Leaf Stack Series

Back in November, I shared a post with you that showed in progress photos of one of my Leaf Stack pieces. I finished that piece before the end of the year.  And now, I am finally getting around to sharing it here! (I did share it in my January newsletter.  If you are not on my list and would like to sign up, please go to this link.)

This is #14 in the series.

Leaf Stack #14_small_cw

Leaf Stack #14
©2015 Lisa Flowers Ross
fabrics hand-dyed by artist, thread
50 x 50 inches

I pulled a bunch of different fabrics from my stash to use in this artwork.  I know some are older dyed pieces since they are more mottled.  I like the extra visual texture that they add.

As for the physical texture, I decided to use just simple stitched lines.  The design is complex enough, without needing to add a lot of extra stitching.  The spaced lines echo a few of the leaves in several different directions. The lines create movement around the piece and compliment it, but do not overpower it.

I confess that I am out of order here, because I haven’t showed you Leaf Stack #13 yet!  It is simpler in design and the colors are quite different, but I think you can still see the similarities.

Leaf Stack #13_small_cw

Leaf Stack #13
©2015 Lisa Flowers Ross
fabrics hand dyed by artist, thread
40-1/4 x 40-1/4″

Do you prefer the more complex one (#14) or the simpler one(#13)?  Or both? Or maybe neither? Please let me know in the comments.

I have quite a few more sketches and ideas for this series and so it will continue.

2 comments to Leaf Stack Series

  • I like both! I like the layering effect in #14, and the shapes in both are beautiful. I think you should explore both directions, simple and complex. I can’t imagine sewing these together, they turned out beautifully!

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      Thanks, Gail. I think I will be bouncing around with complex and simple. I have quite a few sketches to keep me going.