Leaf Stack Continues

Back in the studio, I have started on another Leaf Stack piece. Here I have my sketch book with lots of thumbnails.


For most of the Leaf Stack series I start by drawing a paper template.  Then, I start making a mess and pulling out different colors of fabrics that I think might work together.


Once I have narrowed it down, I start cutting the pieces and putting them up on the design wall. Below you can see I have several cut. There is some blue sticking out underneath that bottom green piece.  At this point, I decided that wasn’t going to work for me and starting auditioning different fabrics again.


I cut a few more pieces and then, decided that wasn’t working either.  So, I auditioned some more fabric.


Finally, settled on colors and got it pieced together.


You can see from the above photos, the orientation I had been working in.  As sometimes happens, once I get it together, I sometimes think it might work better in a different orientation.  In which direction do you like it best?


4 comments to Leaf Stack Continues

  • I like the top two orientations the best. This is a fun piece with great colors. I’m sure your stitches will wow us.

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      When I decide on the final direction, I will figure out how I want to do the stitching. Thanks for the feedback.

  • For me the yellow-yellow green-and peach leaf (as I read the colour on my computer)draws the attention. So, I suppose it depends on the mood. My response to the placement relates to that …below.

    The bottom right corner is quite dynamic as the lower leaf is pointing upward diagonally. But somehow I get a more peaceful feel with the upper right because the green below and the blue above gives a pastoral feel more like a landscape.
    The first one is also dynamic, but somehow the blue and the peach seem separate from the greens. And then the bottom left one works like a dive into the sea.

    And if you had completely different intentions, ignore me! I am good at reading stories in just about anything. 😉
    Sandy in the UK

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for the great feedback. It is interesting to hear other’s thoughts on the orientation. The dynamic does change with each rotation. I guess I need to decide on what I intend with the piece. I think I need to do another of the same design in different colors and in a different final direction, just to see how that affects the piece. But different colors might create some very different responses. Interesting things to think about.