Last of the Leftovers VII

Here are the last of my Leftovers VII prints from the exchange this year.  These prints are mostly black and white or neutral with maybe just a tad of color.

This first print is longer than the dimensions for the exchange but it came folded and therefore fit in with the requirements. There is also a bit more too it, but it was also longer than my scanner.


The Monarch’s Dream by Amy Foltz (Iowa).


The Sturgeon Run by Julie Winter (Oregon)


Reciprocity, a drypoint etching by Sandy Craig (Wales, UK)


Abracadabra, a solarplate print with hand coloring by Melody Knight Leary (Connecticut)


Tempted by Ginger Crawford Tolonen (California)


Untitled lithograph by Eyeiessa Darville (North Dakota)


Lamb Stew by Patricia L. Giraud (Oregon)


This next one is by a friend of mine in Oregon.


Jacob Sheep by Gale Everett (Oregon)


Eat by Monica Wiesblott (California)


And last but not least is a drypoint print on unprimed canvas.  I saw some possibility in this for printing on fabric.  Also, I could cut it out and sew a little voodoo doll.  But I am not going to do that.


Be My Voodoo Baby by Junanne Peck (Texas)

Now that you have had your fill of Leftovers, you will have to wait until next year for more.



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