Happy New Year!

It has been almost an entire month since I’ve posted on the blog. What I have been doing during that time? Enjoying being with family and friends, sitting by the fireplace on cold days, reading books, occasionally riding my bike in freezing weather, working on puzzles and not worrying about being “connected” online.

Usually at the end of the year, I do a year-end review. So I looked back at all the good things that has happened with my art (and otherwise) this past year, checked off the things I accomplished and made note of the many things I didn’t accomplish. But that was about the extent of my review (thus far). Some of those things that didn’t get accomplished moved to this year as, at the beginning of the year, I like to make a list of goals.

Most of the time that means lines and lines on a piece of notebook paper of all the things I would like to accomplish, many art related, some not. But this year, I am hoping to approach things a little differently. There will always be long lists of things to do, but this time I wrote down the things I absolutely must do this year, things I have already committed to.

Then, I wrote a separate list of things I would like to do, knowing that I won’t get to them all. I starred the more important ones for me. I would really like to slow down and be more focused on a few things, instead of many. And try to be more organized and plan ahead, instead of just randomly trying to check off something on the list whenever I can get around to it. I’m not sure this new approach is going to work out, but I’ll give it a go.

I finished two pieces before the end of the year that I haven’t shared here yet. (I have shared one in my e-newsletter and if you would like to receive information that may not always make it to my blog, you can sign up here.)

I completed one more piece in the Leaf Stack series, before finally moving on to a different series. I have more ideas for this series, but will be taking a break from it. Hopefully, I will get back to it some day.

Leaf Stack #31
34″ x 34-1/4″
©2017 Lisa Flowers Ross


For the new year, I will be concentrating on my Field Study series. Four works have already previously been completed in this series. Now there is a fifth.

Field Study (O1P1)
36″ x 28″
©2017 Lisa Flowers Ross


The Field Study series is inspired by particular locations. The first four completed were inspired by places in Idaho. This one is inspired by the playa (Summer Lake) in Oregon; the first large piece to be completed based on photos from my artist residency at Playa. The title indicates the location of inspiration. O is for Oregon and P is for Playa. The number one means it is the first in the series that I have done based on a place in Oregon and the first one based on the playa.

I’ll be working on a few more based on photos I took during my artist residency.





2 comments to Happy New Year!

  • Good idea to take some time to chill and regroup for a while. I spent alot of December just reading and doing some baking.
    Your list making changes will probably be a big help. I have things separated in a similar way so I can keep track of myself better.