Gateway to Imagination

There it was, sitting in my inbox.  The email I had been expecting.  I hesitated.  A slight sense of dread was present.  Part of me wanted to just leave it there, unopened.  It lasted less than a minute before the other part of me said, “Just open it.”

I guess there is still a bit of my past pessimism in me, for I always seem to first expect the worse. But this time, it wasn’t a rejection letter.  It was an acceptance letter!  Yay!  The dread turned to happiness, then to shock.

My artwork had been accepted to the juried exhibition, Gateway to Imagination.  But not just one of my artworks, all three that I had submitted!  Wow, that has never happened before.  I really couldn’t believe it.  It is even more validating because this isn’t just a textile exhibition, but one with all types of media.


Leaf Stack #13©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross

Leaf Stack #13
40-1/4″ x 40-1/4″
©2015 Lisa Flowers Ross

Gateway to Imagination is on display at the Farmington Museum in Farmington, New Mexico and the opening reception was this past Friday.  My artwork was there, but I was not.  Someday, I hope to go to some of these openings in other locations. But it costs enough just to ship my pieces, let alone ship myself there!

I have never been to New Mexico before; it would be great to go see the exhibition.  It also would have been really fun to go to the print exhibition in Hawaii a couple of years ago.  Or the Interpretations exhibition in San Diego. Or, or . . . .

Yes, I will get there someday.

Leaf Stack #1541 x 33-1/2"©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross

Leaf Stack #15
41 x 33-1/2″
©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross

I am happy that my artworks are preceding me in travel and finding new audiences!  The artworks pictured are the three that are in the exhibition. They are all from my Leaf Stack series.

Leaf Stack #1144 x 45-1/2"©2016 Lisa Flowers Ross

Leaf Stack #11
44 x 45-1/2″
©2015 Lisa Flowers Ross

I just found out today that Leaf Stack #11 received an Honorable Mention Award. I am feeling grateful that the hard work that went into this piece has been recognized. (There is a lot of free-motion stitching on this piece that took a lot of time.) And even more so because this piece has been rejected from three other exhibitions before being accepted into this one.

Detail of stitching on Leaf Stack #11

Detail of stitching on Leaf Stack #11


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