Flagstaff First Friday

A few weeks ago, I drove down to Flagstaff for Anna’s 20th birthday. I arrived on Friday and Anna, being a college student, already had plans for the evening. Of course, she was able to spare enough time for me to take her and her friend out to dinner (me paying) before the event. How could my girl young lady be 20?!!


Anna doing her favorite Hamilton pose outside La Bellavia restaurant, an excellent place for breakfast.

Fortunately, before I left Boise, I had looked up some things to do and discovered that Flagstaff has a First Friday art event, just like Boise’s First Thursday event. After dinner with the gals, I was left to my own devices. I wandered the streets. It was amazing how many people were out and about. Maybe it was the first warmish night for First Friday? Maybe it is always a big event in such a small town?


Downtown Flagstaff

There were so many things going on in the streets; organizations with tables out asking for donations, buskers playing their instruments and you could even conduct a band for a donation. There was some type of event in one of the squares with people participating in different activities; one that looked like a polka dance moving in a circle, native american drumming, craft activities, etc.


A young gal tries her hand at conducting.


I was looking for the art galleries. The first place I found was the Aspen Loft Artists. Only one of the artists had her studio open that night. I discovered Linda Shearer-Whiting works in many different media and was excited to see some fabric and print making. Her fabric pieces are hand painted silk scarves. Along with original prints, she had paintings in different media and some drawings.

A grid of landscape drawings graced one of the walls in the studio.


Drawing by Linda Shearer-Whiting


Around the corner, I found The Artists’ Gallery. I was surprised at how many people were in the galleries, ALL of the ones I visited.  Sometimes, it was hard to move around. It was really nice to see that support for the arts. The work that caught my eye in this gallery were some paper vessels made by Beth LaCour. It reminded me of a few paper vessels in the Boise Art Museum’s permanent collection.


Paper vessels by Beth LaCour

Nearby was the Arizona Handmade Gallery. In this gallery, it was interesting to see some work by Cathi Northwick and Sharon Richards, a unique collaboration of metal and fabric.



Metal and fabric work by Cathi Northwick and Sharon Richards

There were also some beautiful wood reduction prints, made by Julie Williams, that I seriously thought of purchasing. I don’t have any photos of her work, but you can see some if you go to her link.

Across the street, was another gallery, West of the Moon Gallery. I liked the architecture of the building outside with it’s half circle entrance.


West of the Moon Gallery in Flagstaff


I didn’t make it to all the galleries and I wandered into a bookstore and an outdoor shop, as well. I had an enjoyable evening. We have been to Flagstaff quite a few times to drop-off and pick-up Anna from Northern Arizona University. But we never have really taken the time to explore the town or area. I am glad I had the evening to explore.


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