Field Study Series

Work continues on my Field Study series. In a previous post, I shared Field Study (O1P1) with you. It is the first piece in this series inspired by my artist residency at Playa in Oregon. Having taken lots of photos during my residency, there is still plenty of stimulus to continue to make more work based on that experience. Field Study (O2P2) continues building on that.

Here is the inspiration photo, unedited.

Summer Lake, Oregon


And here is the finished artwork.

Field Study (O2P2)
36″ x 28″
©Lisa Flowers Ross

I used a variegated thread for the stitching on the bottom part of this work to emulate the surface of the water with different reflections. The effect is subtle, but works well.


Detail of Field Study (O2P2)


For these Playa inspired pieces, I have been free-form cutting and sewing the pieces together. Whereas, in the Leaf Stack series, I enlarged my drawings on paper as to have a pattern from which to work.

I really like how the colors create a serene mood in this one.


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