Field Study in Mud

Sometimes I have a novel idea for my artwork. Then, I have to figure out how to execute it. Inspired by the mud cracks on the playa during my artist residency last autumn, I decided to try something new. Would it work? I never know until I try.

Using a few different materials like felt and gardening fabric, Field Study (O6P6) was born.

Field Study (O6P6)
48″ x 48″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross

I used a reverse appliqué technique on this piece. The black is a full piece of felt as the bottom layer. Next, a layer of gray hand dyed fabric is on top of the black with certain areas cut away to reveal the black. Another layer of the somewhat transparent white gardening fabric is on top with areas cut away to reveal gray and black.

All the layers were fused and then a massive amount of free-motion stitching (around 23 hours worth) went into it to create the texture. Here is what the stitching looks like from the back.


Back of Field Study (O6P6) showing the free-motion stitching.

And a close-up view from the back.


Detail of free-motion stitching


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