Field Studies Exhibition

It didn’t seem like much, the pile on the floor. But it represented over a year’s worth of work. 21 artworks were rolled, wrapped and packed up, ready to take to Reno for my long anticipated solo exhibition at the Sierra Arts Gallery.

The works all fit in the car and were driven down to Reno, where they are currently and will be until Feb. 23rd when the exhibition closes.

Nature is the dominate feature in my Field Studies series. For this solo exhibition, I created artwork inspired by particular locations in Nevada and each state touching it: Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon and Utah. 

Colorful images of places I have visited have been pieced together using varying degrees of abstraction. Oranges, reds and burgundy colors span artworks inspired by places such Zion National Park in Utah and Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada.

Field Study (U1Z1)
39-1/2″ x 49″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase
Field Study (N2CG2)
83″ x 33-1/2″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase

Coral and pink colors form the shapes reminiscent of the dunes at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah.

Field Study (U3CP1)
36″ x 28″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase

Neutral grays and tans create the background for mud cracks seen on a dry lake bed in Oregon. Added stitching creates texture and depth that juxtaposes the strong flat color and shapes in the work, as well as enhances the tactile nature of the piece.

Field Study (O1P1)
36″ x 28″
©2017 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase

There are no man made structures depicted in the work. I wanted to focus on those places that are undisturbed by humans, hoping the viewer is reminded of the beauty and importance of nature; that it encourages them to want to preserve our wonderful national parks, wildlife preserves and natural landscapes whose protections are currently in question.

Field Study (O4P4)
36″ x 28″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase

The beauty of nature and surrounding environments inspire me with a calm, joyful feeling that I aim to translate into my work and pass on to the viewer.

Field Study (C1SD1)
28″ x 36″
©2018 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available for purchase

I have completed 27 works in the Field Studies series, although only 21 will be on display in my solo exhibition. I plan to continue working in this serious using various locations in the western states as inspiration.

Note: The titles of the pieces are an abbreviated code to indicate where the inspiration came from and a number order for the work. For example, Field Study (O1P1) indicates that the piece was made in Oregon at the Playa residency location. It is the first piece constructed that was inspired by Oregon, as well at the first piece inspired by the Playa location within Oregon. A table of code abbreviations for all the pieces are listed below.


A = Arizona

C = California

CG = Cathedral Gorge State Park

CP = Coral Pink Sand Dunes

GB = Great Basin National Park

I = Idaho

K = Ketchum

N = Nevada

O = Oregon

P = Play (artist residency)

SD = San Diego

T = Tucson

U = Utah

Z = Zion

2 comments to Field Studies Exhibition

  • Well done for the solo show! I have always liked your field studies. Somehow I am not good at abstracting what I see.

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      Thanks, Sandy. I am planning to continue with the series but am taking a little break for now. You don’t have to be good about abstracting what you see, you are good at other things.