By now, you have probably seen tons of photos of the recent eclipse and they are sure to be better than mine. My point and shoot camera just did not do it justice or translate the light very well into digital format. But I am going to share a few with you anyway.

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Today is the big day for the eclipse. Idaho is in the path of totality. Boise, itself, is only 99.5% of totality, but that is good enough for us. We don’t want to get into the crowds of people that are at the places of complete totality.

Art at St. Alphonsus Hospital

I spent a little bit of time at the hospital this past weekend. Not for any medical reason, but to see the new St. Alphonsus Hospital in Nampa and my artwork that is part of their collection.

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And I'm Back

Technology is amazing, wonderful and utterly frustrating sometimes!

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On a More Positive Note

I am still upset and worried for our country, our rights and our safety for the next four years. As it seems many others across the country are, too. I found comfort in the positive thoughts and words shared by others in our digital community. It gives me hope.

I am sharing some here in hopes that they comfort and inspire you, as well.

“Take heart. Let’s look for the workable side of the situation. Now it is very clear how things REALLY ARE – and when you know how things really are, you can deal with it. A good

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Sad Day for America

I stared at the screen in disbelief. The dark pit in my stomach was bottomless. My fists were unknowingly clinched and a stream of curse words were running through my head. Today I woke up and the nightmare was still real. What little hope and optimism I had are completely broken.

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Alexa Rose Foundation Exhibition

Always unsure exactly which door to go in, I was loaded down with with a bag of tools and heavy binder and an armful of art. A man sweeping the sidewalk asked if I was looking for the Rose Room. “Yes.” I replied. He directed me to the correct door and I climbed the stairs to the second floor.

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Dyeing to Travel

Notebook? Check.

Iron? Check.

Empty juice bottles? Check.

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Trouble with Comments

I have been receiving lots of spam through my blog comments lately. To attempt to eliminate this, I installed a captcha plug-in that did not appear to work. I am sorry if you have tried to comment and it did not allow you. I have temporarily deactivated the plug-in and will continue looking for a solution. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any suggestions about fixing the issue, please let me know.

Zero Waste Guru

Last week I attended a lecture by Bea Johnson, aka the Zero Waste Guru. Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard of her before I got the announcement about the lecture from the Idaho Conservation League.

Johnson is the author of the book Zero Waste Home and has a website/blog of the same name. She has given lectures all over the world about her family’s zero waste lifestyle. They produce about a jar of waste in a year for a family of four. She brings that jar to her lectures.

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