Sheldon Museum of Art

It wasn’t quite opening time yet. I wandered the grounds, walking in and out of the shade of the large trees, enjoying the greenery and plants so different than our own desert flora. Large metal artworks rose from the earth in various spots. Outdoor sculptures on the campus of University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

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San Diego - Art Museum

I was only going to be gone five days. But the weather in San Diego was going to be warmer than it had been in Boise. I had to dig out some shorts and that would mean some sandals, too. There was also an artist reception and gallery walk and talk to attend and I needed something nicer to wear, along with nicer shoes.

With clothing choices made, I decided to try to get everything into my regular sized backpack, knowing the plane would be small and I didn’t want to pay to check a bag. It was tight.

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The Sheldon Museum

The Sheldon Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska is located on the University of Nebraska campus. Designed by Philip Johnson and build in 1963, it is an interesting space filled with art.

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SAQA Conference – Lincoln, NE

Whenever I travel east, it feels a bit like time travel. The cities are older and the buildings more historic. When I recently traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, it felt like going back into my past.

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St. Louis Art Museum - Part 2

There is so much to see at the St. Louis Art Museum, it is hard to absorb in one day. And hard to write about it all in one post. So here are a few more artworks that didn’t make it into the last post.

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St. Louis Art Museum - Part 1

As we drove through the park, the shiny silver tree caught my eye. I thought I would not want to be near it in a lightning storm. Then, we parked the car and walked up to the large stone building and a beautiful view. We had arrived at the St. Louis Art Museum.

Engraved on the facade of the stone building are the words, “Dedicated to art, and free to all.” The roman numerals for 1903 were next to it.

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