Leftovers VII – Idaho Artists

There are some food leftovers that I look forward to having the next day as much as the first. But I am always excited for the Leftovers Print exchange hosted each year by Wingtip Press. This year was Leftovers VII and an exhibition was held at MING Studios earlier this year in May.

I created two sets of prints for the exchange so that I could receive two sets back, for a total of 24 prints. The sizes are 5″ x 7″ or less in an effort to encourage using up leftover pieces of paper from printmaking.

Because I helped

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SAQA Conference – Lincoln, NE

Whenever I travel east, it feels a bit like time travel. The cities are older and the buildings more historic. When I recently traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, it felt like going back into my past.

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Leftovers Auction

As I walked in the door, piles of original prints laid on tables all around the room. Almost 100 of them! I could not wait to get my eyes on them. Linocuts, etchings, woodcuts, chine collĂ©, lithographs, solar plate prints, drypoint and more – a smorgasbord of prints. And I was there to help sort them all out.

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Flagstaff First Friday

A few weeks ago, I drove down to Flagstaff for Anna’s 20th birthday. I arrived on Friday and Anna, being a college student, already had plans for the evening. Of course, she was able to spare enough time for me to take her and her friend out to dinner (me paying) before the event. How could my girl young lady be 20?!!

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The Meaning of Meaning Exhibition

One might see or hear something unknown and ask, “What does it mean?” Or we might confront someone’s actions and ask, “What is the meaning behind this?” One of the more existential questions we may ask is “What is the meaning of life?”

The answers to these questions may not always be found. We can explore, observe and bring our personal views to discover meaning. The same can be done when viewing art and figuring out what is the meaning behind the exhibition title, The Meaning of Meaning.

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Valentine for Aids

I am seeing red . . . and pink, and purple, and gray and all kinds of different colors at the Flying M Valentine for Aids art auction. Artworks cover just about every inch of wall surface from table height to ceiling at the downtown coffee shop and they are all up for bidding.

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Arbitrary Color

As the sun set and darkness descended, the misty fog shrouded the street lamps and created an air of mystery. We entered the building, I, with a bit of nervous anticipation. Once inside, the huge space enveloped us. I was given my name tag, with the title “Artist” on it. This title makes me happy.

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Five 18 – Group Show

I was parked a few blocks away. It was dark and cold as I walked down the street to Gallery Five18. The warmth of the gallery and lights welcomed me. I had come to see the December Group Show of the artists in the gallery, some of with whom I am friends.

I love to make art and I also love to view art by others. There is lots to see at Five 18 this month as most of the pieces are smaller works from members of the gallery. Here is a preview, but as is most always the case,

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Open Studio – John Taye

The map was sitting was out on the carseat next to me, even though I was driving around in my hometown. It was a treasure map of sorts. And I had one day to find what I was looking for.

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Boise Open Studios

I could see the carpet of my studio floor. Every scrap was put in its place. Artwork covered the walls. A vase held backyard flowers. A plate held dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I was ready for open studio weekend!

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