Art at St. Alphonsus Hospital

I spent a little bit of time at the hospital this past weekend. Not for any medical reason, but to see the new St. Alphonsus Hospital in Nampa and my artwork that is part of their collection.

The hospital hosted an open house on Saturday, with tours, information tables set up, screenings and some free food. I went to see all the artwork that was created by artists in the valley. The space is nice with lots of natural light.


St. Alphonsus hospital in Nampa, Idaho.

As you walk in the front, Susan Madasci‘s artwork dominates one wall, at a height of two stories.


Susan Madasci’s artwork, Stewardship of Creation made of forged and fabricated steel.

There are lots of small individual circles. The “drawn” designs on some of the medallions were designed by Erin Cunningham. Below you can see one of the designs.


Detail with medallion design by Erin Cunningham

Here is another overall view to get a better sense of the scale.


Artwork by Susan Madasci

Another artwork that is prominent in the lobby is a piece hanging from the ceiling by Amy Westover. Colored circles of glass are suspended at different heights.


Artwork by Amy Westover

Two staircases rise from the lobby to the second floor. At the top of one of them is my artwork, Foliaris VIII. I feel so honored that my artwork is sharing the space with these other well known local artists.


Foliaris VIII by Lisa Flowers Ross


Another view of Foliaris VIII by Lisa Flowers Ross and artwork by Amy Westover.

Also on the second floor is a lovely selection of work by my friend, Rachel Teannalach. She has thirty paintings of scenes from the Nampa area. They are lined up all together and grouped as one piece.


Canyon County by Rachel Teannalach


Here are just a few of the specific views Rachel painted.


Detail of Canyon County by Rachel Teannalach

Detail of Canyon County by Rachel Teannalach


Most of the artworks on display were related to nature, which I think was intentional for a place of healing. Below is a painting by Geoffrey Krueger.


Stream by Geoffrey Krueger

There were a few beautiful, calming photographs on aluminum by Heidi Davies on the main floor in the lobby area.


Zen Branches by Heidi Davies

Visitors could wander on their own on the first and second floors. But if you wanted to see the fourth floor, you had to go on a tour. The other floors were closed because they were still working on them and they officially open for patients today.

I went on the tour in search of more art and I found Anna Webb’s mosaic on the fourth floor.


Cabinet of Curiosities, Night and Day by Anna Webb

The two pieces together in this next area coordinate. Jessica Ramone used Rena Vandewater‘s painted piece as inspiration for her color infused wood artwork to create a cohesive space.


Along the Valley by Rena Vandewater and Hills and Valleys by Jessica Ramone

In the cafeteria, Jerri Lisk‘s artwork, Produce Aisle, is a grid of painted aluminum panels. I like how there is one extra panel at the top to throw the symmetry off and create interest.


Produce Aisle by Jerri Lisk

I am sure I did not see all the original artworks. Some artists had more than one piece on display. In the less prominent hallways, there were some photographs and reproductions, so not all the artwork is original. But it was nice that the hospital used original art from local artists in the more prominent areas.

I will leave you with one more artwork by artist Chris Binnion.


In the Country by Chris Binnion





4 comments to Art at St. Alphonsus Hospital

  • These are all beautiful. and chosen so well to work together, too…even the ones which are not living right next to the others.
    I am glad you get the view at the top of the stairs where alot of people can see it, but can go look closer to see it is textiles.
    Well done. I am glad for you.
    Sandy in the UK

  • The pictures are great! It is interesting to see how the artwork contributes to the whole feel of the hospital space. It feels calm and healing. The art is interesting to look at too.

    • Lisa Flowers Ross

      On the tour they talked about choosing natural building materials like stone and wood to create a healing environment and I guess the art consultant took that into consideration, too. I like that they do have some original art. It makes the space feel more unique as opposed to just reproductions and posters.