A Visit to Corvallis

The week before last, I headed west to Corvallis, Oregon to visit my longtime friend, Carin Feekes. It was nice to get away for a few days and enjoy the greener, different plant life there, the small town, and reconnect with friends.

Me and my friend of 25 years, Carin.


We took a walk through on old growth forest with moss covered trees and luscious greens.



The Arts Center in town was another stop of ours. The exhibition was the 15th Around Oregon Annual, showcasing Oregon artists. I really liked this monotype.  (Please ignore the reflections of the glass.)


Lake Monotype 288 by Katherine McDowell

I found the crisper edges and geometric-like shapes in this artwork unusual for a watercolor. I also like his signature in the bottom left corner of the piece.


Sage & Pine by Mark Allison


The minimal simple nature of this piece, along with the neutral colors and use of natural wood veneer was what attracted me to this work.


Ridgeline: Mirror View by Kathleen Caprario

A little exploration downtown revealed this public art painted by Ben Jay.


Public art by Ben Jay


And for those Dr. Who fans (of whom my daughter is included) we found a Tardis built from books in the Book Bin store.



While taking the Neutral Territory workshop on Whidbey Island, I had met Beth Rietveld. She lives in Corvallis and we were able to visit with her and see her lovely mid-century modern house and drool over her studio space. Beth creates fabric baskets and beautiful quilts. Below is her basket storage space.


Fabric baskets by Beth Rietveld

We were also able to meet with another artist friend, Gale Everett Stahlke, whom I had met in a printmaking workshop. We did quite a bit in the few days I was in Corvallis.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without helping my friend out with a little project.

I helped Carin and her daughter paint some bird houses that she was planning to put on the fence in her beautiful garden.


(They are still working on the sprinklers.)

Can you guess which houses I painted?



It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun trip and it is always a pleasure to get back together with old friends.





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