A Trip to Canada

Several weeks ago we packed up a cooler, threw our luggage in the car and set off on the long drive up to Canada (two days). We met my parents outside of Banff in Canmore and stayed for three days before heading back home. The only thing we really did was hike and soak our bodies in the hot tub. No shopping, except at the grocery store.

Our best hike was the Plain of Six Glaciers trail at Lake Louise. The color of the lake was so pretty (my pictures don’t do it justice). The trail was out and back for a total of about eight and a half miles with elevation gain around 1200-1300 feet.

Lake Louise, Canada


Lake Louise, Canada

Frank hikes up the Plain of Six Glaciers trail.


Hey, look! A picture of me and Frank together with Lake Louise in the background.

At the top of the trail is a tea house. You can get some food and drinks there made daily by the staff. It was very crowded when we got there and we had brought our own snacks, so did not get anything.

The teahouse near the top.

The trail continued up to the Abbot Pass viewpoint. It was quite windy with a section that had quite a steep drop-off to one side.

It is steeper than it looks on the left-hand side.


After that hike, I was looking forward to sitting in the hot tub to soak my aching joints.

The next day we went to see Takkakaw Falls.

Takkakaw Falls, Canada

Our last day we hiked on the Grotto Canyon trail. The beginning of the trail was not exciting and took us past a mineral processing plant, but eventually we made our way into the canyon and it became more interesting. At one point we came to an area with lots of cairns people had built. There were a few small streams of water coming of the cliffs in one area but not what you could call a waterfall.

Cairns along Grotto Canyon trail.

We hiked one more trail afterward, which was mostly just walking through forest. Heading in the wrong direction, we doubled back to try to find the trail we were looking for. One way petered out and we never did find what we were looking for so turned around and drove back to soak in the hot tub once more.

While soaking, we watched as smoke from some forest fires started to come up over the mountain and eventually fill the sky. That evening was very smokey and the light was orange. It was probably good we were leaving the next day.

Although we heard talk of grizzlies and black bears being spotted in the area, we did not see any. We did see a very large elk with a big rack and some big horn sheep, who were in the road slowing down traffic, driving up through Radium .


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